Affirmation Suggestions

I value myself               I will reach my goals           I trust myself

I am worthy of love    I will respect myself            I trust the process

I am confident              I will appreciate myself     I speak honestly

I have love                     I will give myself credit     I listen genuinely       I know my worth

I have stability            I will be free                           I speak lovingly          I know myself

                                                                                                                                        I know peace

I feel beautiful             I accept my body                  I see love                       I know love

I feel strong                  I accept laughter                  I see my light              I know oneness

I feel couragous          I accept others                      I see clearly

I feel Empowered       I accept my life                     I see beauty

I feel healthier            I accept my situation         I see my success

You can use any affirmation that suits you whether it's on this page or not. The freedom is yours. Listen to what your spirit needs. If you have any suggestions to add to the affirmations, click the link below.