heArt Therapy

You don't have to be a professional artist! If you love to draw, paint, sketch and if you love to relax then you may enjoy this class.

This is not at all about who can do what better than anybody else. This class is about taking whatever you have in your heart and putting it on paper. With no one telling you how to be, no one grading your paper, you can be free here.

The only downfall is comparing yourself to others and their work. But if you are drawing and painting from the heart, there should be no comparisons or perfectionism, only appreciation in your expression and being able to share it with other hearts.

I personally am not a professional artist. I just love to express myself through the canvas and anywhere a pencil can show itself. This class is not to show technique, it is to show that no matter what you are into, you are an artist regardless of what your profession, career or any label you use to describe yourself.

Classes are free.

Donations are welcome.

This class starts: Tuesday Jan 12th