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I am excited for this presentation!
This workout is extremely simple yet extremely effective. With each exercise, I will explain how it works, as you participate and get a sample for yourself.
Afterwards a fun open mic. Bring ANYTHING you want to read or perform!
If you're in the Monmouth County area and are interested in a creative way to heal and find yourself, Come to the LongBranch Public Library! See you there.

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This class is for my Queens!
Too many of us have been through too much trauma, individually and as a collective. Here I will help guide us to gaining a healthier and happier womb.
If you have children, specifically the girls, bring them!

If you are transgendered and have a womb, this too is for you.
If you have detransitioned back to female, this is also for you!

Remember your journals, pens, tissues and water.
Once you sign up, I will give you the zoom I.D to sign into the night before.
I'll see you soon.