Meditation Mondays

Buddhist Monk Meditating

When I was 17years old I chose the class elective that was seen the least, Creative Writing. I took this once before in 8th grade. I had a great time, but it was too short.

   In my high school class, my teacher introduced me to Free Writing. This gave me a chance to blurt out all of what I was thinking and feeling. It was like a creative stretch.

  When I didn't think the class couldn't get any better, she introduced us to Guided Meditations. She would read the paper written with a guided meditation as we would close our eyes and follow her voice.

   The combination of writing and meditation is one of the many things that saved my life, as the following year would be a hard year for me. I never forgot the teacher, and having gone through so much so often, I never forgot the impact that class had on me.

   I am sharing with you some classes I created to give you a piece of the magic I had in that class. So if you are looking to clear your mental space or deep searching into yourself, my classes may be for you.

Meditation Group
Meditating on the Beach
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