Messy Minds
   Meditation For Beginners

  So many people panic just hearing the words, meditation or mindfulness or breathe. Having a messy mind makes us doubt that we can meditate correctly or worry we will never obtain the peace we are searching for.

  I'm here to remind you that you are absolutely worthy of a peaceful mind. This is a 6 week class is to help you to accept the mess, how to deal with it and how to let it go. Even those who meditate daily, can battle with a messy mind, so if you're a beginner, you have nothing to worry about.

  There will be journaling involved. This class we will have a focus on not only meditation techniques but a writing technique called Free Writing. In my days of having not only a messy mind but a messy heart, both the meditation and writing helped me through some of my darkest times.

Ages- All

$20 per class
6pm - 7:30
Mondays (Starting Jan. 2nd, 2023)
Can go virtual on a rainy day
Bring Notebooks