My Belief & Visions

    I believe honesty is an unrealized medicine that too many of us still have yet to prescribe ourselves. Honesty can cure many of our illnesses. We're often caught up in our own illusions, believing we must keep up on a lie that we think protects us. With this said, we can be pretty resistant to many truths because we are scared of no longer being protected. What I've learned so far is, we are not only divinely protected but we are meant to thrive in peace without the weight of worry on our shoulders.

    I also believe that our passions and doing what we truly love to do, is one of the most honest ways to live. We are taught to hurry up and grow, so we can work 3 jobs, go to collage and gain debt, make yourself a family and get a house and white picket fence. We were taught that this is what success is all about. Is there anything wrong with a house and family? No. but this is not the only thing that makes us successful. Too many of us still lie down at night wondering what would happen had we gone for our passions. And though it is successful to get our basics covered, as for many of us who have been through this trauma can find even find that to be difficult. We are beyond the basics, even when that's hard to accept when self worth has yet to be discovered and/or accepted.

    Does this mean we all should be wild rock stars that can beat almost any speeding ticket? No. But doing what we love to do not only raises our vibration, it can ease our minds and hearts no matter where we take our passions. Most importantly, we get to learn about who we truly are. If someone were to ask who you are, most times we use the same words that describe our jobs rather than speaking on who we know to be from our heart and souls. Its time to break free. I believe in doing the work it takes to become honest within ourselves. I believe in accountability, self worth, self love, authenticity and I believe this is the work that makes us successful. And I believe we can get there.

    Having been through long term sexual abuse, I didn't as much as I had all of these dreams to use my talents to not only have fun and do what I love, but to help others, something inside of me kept holding me back. I felt like I wasn't worthy of it. I felt like I wasn't worthy of living a life beyond what the world wanted me to live. I became so numb to where I was falling into becoming a robot to society. Knowing who I was only through an occupation, a diagnosis or a signature gimmick. That deeper part of me was fighting so hard to come out. And had I not stayed on  the path of asking myself honest questions, using my creative gifts and practicing spirituality, I wouldn't have made it this far. I not only believe I am so much more than what I was taught to be, I believe this goes for most everybody. And I believe that belief is nothing more than a training wheel to what we truly know. And I KNOW, we are beautiful people with so much more to live for.