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About Mwa

My name is Krysta Elora. I am a 34yr old woman from New Jersey and I am here and in the midst of my rise.


I enjoy expressing myself. Through words, music, performing, drawing, laughing and putting myself out there to others to bring joy, truth and healing.


Growing up was very adverse for me. As I had been through much racism, mental health issues, impoverishment and abuse. I've been homeless before,I've been in psych wards, I was on medications that hurt more than helped and I had been viciously attacked. I understand what it means to suffer, but I've climbed for a long time to now understand that I do not have to suffer anymore.


Due to much trauma, specifically long term childhood sexual abuse, it has taken me a long time to forgive, to let go and get myself back to a place of peace and passion. I want others to be able to do the same. Creating this space means for me success by way of never being voiceless or fearful ever again.


I started my rise when I started to become more honest with myself. I stopped believing what others wanted me to believe when they would try to tell me who and what I am and what my purpose was. And started to realize what made me happy and true. I had to let go of my own drama, excuses and comfort zones that took me away from my authenticity. And I am here to share all of the tools that have helped me along the way, with you.