My Books

"The Hidden Phoenix- Emerging From Adverse Ashes" is my first of many books to come. This is my break through book to help my younger self and current self be heard. Poems from when I was 9yrs old, 15yrls old, 21 yrs and now are all together, as I allowed my whole self to be heard. I felt it was important to put this together, as I have held myself back for a long time when it comes to my creativity and putting it out there. The parts of me that were in pain, I needed to find a way to fly from the darkness that has followed me. Bringing all parts of me to the forefront helped me to expose my darkness to a light I did not feel worthy of. Now that I continue to do the work, remembering who and what I am, accepting and loving who and what I am, I am absolutely worthy of doing what I love to do, of healing myself and shining.

This book contains poetry that can trigger. Topics are from Race, LGBTQ, Sexual Abuse, Mental Illness and poverty. There's 2 poems per topic, contrasting from dark to light in each chapter/topic. I want you to know that no matter what you have been through, you don't have to stay in the dark any longer. You have the ability to rise and you are absolutely worthy of it.

More books are coming soon.

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