WorkOut Tips

If you are starting The Phoenix Workout Plan, then here are some great tips for you.


How to understand the plan

When a workout has (1x, 2x or 3x) next to it, that means it is meant to be spread out during the day. (1x)= Once a day. (2x)= Twice throughout the day. (3x)= Three times throughout the day.

Why are you doing the challenge?

Ask yourself why are looking to do this challenge. What are your goals? What do you need from yourself and others? Are you looking to love yourself more? Find your self worth? Understand your purpose? Vent Sessions could help you out if you are lost on your journey. We can modify the 30 day plan to help you become more knowledgeable of your goals.


First off, not everybody is in the same exact circumstance. If you do not have a mirror, then mirror affirmations is not for you. But you can do affirmations still. Secondly, the affirmations I have written down can be modified to whatever affirmations you desire or what suits your spirit best. Lastly, the affirmations are consistent so that they become apart of your positive thinking and language. So if you decide to modify your affirmations, I invite you to do the same ones throughout the week. You can also add on more than 1 or 2 affirmations.

Why Push-Ups?

It seems random I know. And even though this is not necessarily a physical workout, it will inevitably have a positive effect on your physical body. I chose push ups because so many people see it as one of the hardest things to do. But this is how I see push ups. It works out your chest, which is where your heart space is. And it's considered by many to be a hard workout because you have to push up your own weight. This workout wont have to be so hard, if we can look at it differently. If we are working out our heart space, then we are making our heart/love/home stronger, internally and externally. And if we can look at our body weight and gravity as nothing more than "the weight of the world" that we are trying to work through, then I believe push ups can show us strength and courage to lift ourselves up when we are at our lowest point.

Try This:

If you are not at all into push-ups or phsyical workouts in general. Attempt just one push up on your first day. Do the rest of the 30 day challenge. Then on the last two days where there are push-ups, whether you can complete one or not, see how you feel regardless.

Same thing for those who do enjoy push-ups or can do them already.

When doing this workout, be kind to yourself. Don't rush the process. And learn to enjoy yourself, knowning that you are going to become the best version of you. It's time to rise.