Phoenix Workhops

The Phoenix Workshops are a mix of writing and presentations. The purpose of these classes are not only to learn new life skills but to learn and remember who you are, in order to better apply these skills. Topics like Self Worth, Self Love, Accountability and more will be touched on in great detail.

                                     Finding My Freedom

This workshop is about finding hidden parts of yourself through the art of free writing. Here you will create your own writing prompts and unravel the subconscious mind.


     $10 per person

     Every Friday Starting

     Jan 5th, 2023

                                      From The Ashes

For those of us who have been through serious trauma and find writing and expressing to be helpful, this is the workshop to take. We will write expressing our darkness, but end our writing with finding our inner light, alchemizing our traumas. It's a great way to explore yourself and find your strength. Because this will be more personal, it will be a closed session. 6 weeks of writing to rise above our ashes and accept our light.


$200 per person for the whole 6 weeks

Starting Jan 4th, Thursdays


More workshops are to come