As we know the Phoenix is a bird that would burn itself into ashes so that it can be reborn and arise again. It is often said that this represents someone who has been through a substantial amount of trauma and oppression and has made a way through it, is a phoenix. I consider myself to be one, and if you consider yourself to be a phoenix as well, this website is for you.

   Arising Phoenix is about creatively facing our deepest fears, our past and our pain head on, so our most dishonest parts of ourselves can burn, and our most honest selves can be reborn. Going through sexual trauma, we often lie to ourselves. We try to “suck it up” and keep it movin'. So much so that we turn ourselves into a person we no longer recognize, yet we give life to, in order to protect ourselves. 

   We’ve created a different persona. Created another world to live in mentally and emotionally. Our gift of creation is supposed to be about passion, joy and doing what we love to do and sharing it. Instead, we have been forced to use this gift for protection and survival. And although it can be useful, unfortunately survival went from being an instinct to a lifestyle. Hence sporting our most inauthentic selves to the point we forget who we are. Furthering our suffering and a dying need to rise again.